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Max Ronnersjö and Mats Carlsson Disparate Mid-sized objects YouTube
Curator/producer Index 19 Images
Untitled (Pranger painting and performance)(PDF)
OP-art bar at UB, Stockholm, Oct 2017(PDF)
Kafka drawings at Birger Jarl RMX group show at Plan 5, Sickla, Jun 30-Jul 14, 2017(PDF)
Money and Gravity at UB Art (With Mats Carlsson), Stockholm, Oct 19, 2016
Butter knives, Designgalleriet, Stockholm, Dec 1, 2016 (PDF)
AMAZE blanket, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Aug 30, 2016 (PDF)
SHOWOUT SHOT OUT (With Ilja Karilampi) at Index, Stockholm, Aug 6, 2016 (PDF)
Vass installation at Palace, Göteborg, May 14, 2016 (PDF)
Exhibition at Whyred, Mäster Samuelsgatan, Stockholm, May 4, 2016 (PDF)
A clean well-lighted place (With Joanna Nordin) at Taverna Brillo, Stockholm April 6-May 19 2016 (PDF)
Absolut Art, 2016 (PDF)
Revenue at Green Door Project, Slakthusområdet, Stockholm 6 june 2015
QI at Bon Gallery, Stockholm 4 june 2015
Isbrytaren Book, 2015
Ghost Sightings at Isbrytaren, Carl Kostyal, Stockholm 9 may-31 may 2015
Art & Fashion at Bon Gallery, Stockholm, 2014
Wine glass stacking performance, 2014-ongoing
Meet Your Maker at Isbrytaren, Carl KOstyal, Stockholm, 28 aug-29 sept 2014
Untitled wall piece at Från Ö till A, sept 25, 2014
NEW RELEASES (With Ilja Karilampi)
T-Shirt Sale (With Fanny Waller)
Retreat Festival, Trädgården, Stockholm, 2013
#nofilter, 10 October 2012, Nextart Gallery, Göteborg
Exhibition at Yoga Center, 2012
Rotor Solo Show, Rotor Gallery, Göteborg, 9-17 March 2012
Ping pong events (with Verena Gillmeier), Rotor Gallery, Göteborg, 2012
Open Window Exhibition, Göteborg, 3 November 2011
Open House, Valand, 2011
NK Konst, Tax Free paintings and Red Dot paintings, Nordiska Kompaniet, Göteborg, march-april, 2011
Balloon dog show (with Verena Gillmeier), Valand, Göteborg, 2011
Wine Tasting: Reading between the wines (with Verena Gillmeier), Göteborg, 2011

Martini Projects link link link link link
Duty Free, 2011
SENOREN, link, link, link, link
Unknown Death 2002 Photoshoot
The Embassy
Chrome (with Demenz)
Portraits, 2008-ongoing
Exhibition Views, 2009-ongoing
Everybody, video, 2009
Tree, 2002-ongoing
Stones, 2005-ongoing
Radar interview
Self portrait group show